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Naomi Broady
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  • Fri, 04 Jul 2008 16:05:52 GMT
  • Updated on Fri, 04 Jul 2008 16:19:14 GMT
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    So here i am...at Wimbledon. Its my 2nd appearance, last year I lost to the world number 2 junior Anastasia Pivovarova from Russia. Due to all the rain I didn't get to play at Wimbledon and instead had to play the match on some practise courts at a nearby club.
    This years weather has been great ,only one day of rain in the 1st week and its really hot!
    I played the No7 junior in the world today,a 16 year old from Romania called Ana Bogdan.
    I'd hit with her a few times during the Roehampton tournament last week so new her game.
    I practised at 11am and was scheduled to start 3rd match on court 19, the biggest court for the juniors on the 1st part of the week so I new there would be a good crowd watching.
    Lots of the players from my training centre at Bolton came to Wimbledon for the day and were cheering me on, my coach Suzy and her boyfriend Richard were also there, and my Aunty Sue and Cousin Mike also came so I ended up having a lot of people supporting me! 
    I had a really good start,serving well and getting an early break in the set holding my serve to win the 1st set 6-4!
    The next set I was really happy with how i played, concentrating more on my opponents service games ,attacking the return and holding my serve, I won it 6-2!
    I had a great day today and will to take a lot of confidence into the next round!

    No play yesterday, the tournament have split the draw over two days and because there is no play at Wimbledon on the middle Sunday I had to wait 2 days before I could play my next round. 
    I took it easy on Sunday hitting for an hour followed by my fitness routine.
    On Monday I played a practise match as i knew that many of the girls
    were playing matches that day and i didn't want to lose my match tightness.
    My Mum-Shirley, Sister-Emma and Brother-Calum came to watch me today. I think they really enjoyed the whole day, and Cal managed to get Federer's autograph. I asked Andy Murray to sign his Autograph for Cal so he was really happy!
    It was really hot today, I think the hottest day so far!  I was playing against a girl from Kazakhstan called Zarina Diyas.
    As in my 1st match I got off to a good start serving well and took the 1st set 6-3.
    In the 2nd set I lost concentration and felt a little flat, loosing  6-4, it was disappointing for me but  a crowd had gathered giving me extra incentive. I really do feel good in front of a crowd and the score showed as I won the 3rd set 6-2. Overall I was happy with the day although there were plenty of lesson's to be learnt !

    Went to bed early last night,I had a doubles match ahead as well as singles and knew from experience that it could be a long day. I played Nikola Hofmanova the number 12 seed from Austria. I'd seen her at a few tournaments before so knew a little more about her game. I broke her early in the 1st set and was
    playing with a lot of confidence, hitting winners off her serve and acing her a few times.
    She began to fight back and got to a tiebreak  and even though she had a set point I took it 7-6!
    I won the match with a more comfortable 2nd set taking it  6-2.
    I'm playing doubles with Jade Windley this week after partnering her at last weeks tournament at Roehampton.
    We managed to win against a Polish pairing though it was a close 3 set match finishing tonight at around 9.30pm! All the matches around us were suspended due to lack of light though we were able to finish as the score was 5-3 in the 3rd set.
    After all the waiting around during the rain delays I'm happy with how I played winning both matches. I'm so tired now it's almost midnight and I'm just getting to bed, its not ideal but tomorrow is another day!

    I thought I was going to be really stiff from all the tennis yesterday but It wasn't so bad! 
    I was tired but just had to forget about it and concentrate on the rest of my day!
    Today I played Noppawan Lertcheewakarn, I still can't pronounce or remember her name because its so long! She's from Thailand and seeded number 3 this year.
    Once again i didn't know much about her game style, just that she plays double handed on each side.
    We played on court 19 again which was great.
    Jade and I also had our 2nd round of doubles today but back-to-back with my singles - a bit odd with the scheduling! I won the 1st set 7-6, the tiebreak was really close and once again the crowd really helped me out!
    I lost the next 2 sets 6-3 6-4 going down 4-1 in the 3rd,I was so tired! 
    I managed to snack a little at change of ends and pulled back to 5-3.
    Serving at 5-3, she had maybe 6 match points against my serve which I managed to save before I won that game to make it 5-4.
    She then served for the match and won that game quite easily! I was so disappointed when I lost. 
    I felt I could have won the match but just didn't play my best tennis! 
    I had to get that out of my head and concentrate on the doubles but we ended up losing that 7-5 6-2. Neither of us had a great match ,I think yesterdays five and a half hours on court finally told!
    So there it is, my last year at Junior Wimbledon! For me it was a fantastic way to finish my junior tennis career!
    I really enjoyed the whole week, Wimbledon really is such a great tournament and by far my favourite!
    I'm proud of my wins and hopefully proved that I'm going to be around for a while!
    Maybe you'll be reading my blog from Senior Wimbledon next year!!!

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